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Protecting Control Systems with Current Loop Isolators.
Credits: Omniflex South Africa | July 2016

Stabilized Temperature measurement

Field isolation and protection are paramount in any plant installation. Unfortunately for many plants this can be the single biggest area of weakness. A common problem in many plants is the interface of plant measurement signals to the monitoring and control systems. With the success of the organisation depending on these measurements, more attention should be afforded to the integrity of signal conditioning systems.
Isolating plant signal conditioning interfaces prevents damages from being caused to PLC/DCS/RTU front ends and is the key to reliable and accurate measurements

Practical Signal Isolation of 4-20mA Signals

We would like to share with you the following white paper on "Practical Signal Isolation of 4-20mA signals", which provides practical guidelines on how and when to introduce signal isolation into your design without affecting loop integrity.  Read White Paper

The Omniflex Solution.

Omniflex provides a complete Loop Isolator range designed for protecting valuable plant instrumentation and for providing reliable and accurate measurements. Whether it is to isolate a signal transmitter from its power source, increase 4-20mA drive capability or to split a 4-20mA Current Loop into two for the addition of data acquisition or monitoring, the Omniterm Loop isolator range has it covered. Loop isolation including surge protection is also available, allowing for significant cost savings, and panel space.


● Provides Reliable & Accurate Plant Measurement Signals to Monitoring & Control Systems
● Protects Valuable Plant Instrumentation
● Prevents Damage to PLC/DCS/RTU Front Ends

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Don’t wait until it's too late, give your Control Systems the protection they deserve now.

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