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Versiondog ensuring Production Security.
Credits: AcuSYS | July 2016

Industrial change management, version control and automated backup

Today, PLC’s can be found in quantity and are critical to the successful execution of most production processes.
While a few businesses have adopted professional solutions to manging automation change, most still
rely on in-house solutions introduced each time new technical staff with this responsibility are employed.
Backups are manually made and stored on a “secure” location; typically this has
been someone’s laptop or an external hard drive. Version control is limited and an audit trail of why
changes were made typically does not exist. Even with-out staff turn-over it becomes almost
impossible to identify the correct backup when it is required.

To complicate this situation even further, PLC programming services are often outsourced to “systems
integrators” who may or may not keep records and backups of PLC project changes they make.

The Risk
Changes introduced into automation controllers directly influence production efficiency, safety,
environmental impact and assets resulting in a negative impact on staff and the bottom line that can
be significant.
A safety interlock removed today in order to allow production to continue while an instrument is
repaired may have fatal consequences in the future if this change is forgotten. Extended production
downtime can result if controller sequences or interlocks behave in an unexpected manner.
Improved visibility and a proper record of changes made help prevent these situations from occurring
or at least minimise the potential impact.

When all is running smoothly as planned, the intellectual property that is your PLC projects must be secured in order to allow rapid recovery when a PLC fails and the hardware is replaced.

A comprehensive Solution
Versiondog was started in 2007 by the German company Auvesy whose management team have extensive experience in the automation domain. Versiondog provides users with the tools required to increase the visibility of changes made to automation projects while at the same time formalising and simplifying the backup and versioning process for technicians with a standard approach across all automation applications.

Versiondog supports automation products from all major automation brands including Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi and Schneider. With versiondog users can quickly identify what is different between versions by providing graphical comparisons that highlight exactly where and what changes have been made. User comments are captured and stored with these changes for better insight.

By monitoring the live, networked controllers versiondog can identify when a change was made and what those changes were, this enables rapid fault finding that leads to greater production asset availability.
The online monitoring of PLC’s automatically validates that the current project archived version accurately represents what is running in the live production environment. In the case of a PLC failure, being able to identify and restore the correct PLC project accurately and quickly is key to returning production to normal as fast as possible.
Versiondog supports formal backup and change management procedures providing a professional tool for improving automation IT governance.

Watch Demonstration Video

Examples of versiondog use
Click to watch the 3 minute video that highlights some of the user tools provided by versiondog to capture and manage the life cycle of an automation software project.


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